How Trump and BREXIT Paved the way for the United States to Leave the United Nations

The UNEXIT movement is part of a bigger picture of the global fight for freedom from tyranny. Other major battles include the BREXIT vote and the pending collapse of the European Union, and the ‘Trump for President’ campaign in the US. In this article we take a look at each of these factors and discuss how the freedom movement can develop and build on each success, and what we must each do down the track in order to retain our freedom from the tyranny of global governance.

How BREXIT changed the face of Europe.

This ongoing battle against globalist forces struck its first victory with this year’s BREXIT referendum, which was seemingly won against all odds, and which is likely to culminate in the withdrawal of the European Union by many other member states. This vote for freedom flew in the face of strong media and political opposition, and was seen by onlookers around the globe as a courageous move by the plucky, British people.

While being touted by those in political circles as a dangerous and divisive move, the BREXIT result was one that was celebrated by millions of nationalists and freedom fighters within Britain and around the world. The European Union was intended to become the central Western Empire, a crucial part of the New World Order, so the loss of Britain has come as quite a shock to the powers that be.

UNEXIT - BREXIT was the first stepWhile presenting the British government and people a raft of tough challenges, BREXIT has restored the ability for Britons to make and enforce their own laws and set immigration and foreign policies. While many of the nuts and bolts are still to be sorted out, the British government has made a commitment to enact the will of the people, and formulate an exit strategy that makes the transition to self governance as painless as possible.

In addition to the direct effects upon the British people, the success of BREXIT has inspired other EU member nations to voice their own intentions to leave the Union and reclaim their sovereignty as well. Time will tell the story of the demise of the European Union.

What does the collapse of the European Union mean for the New World Order?

On the surface, the BREXIT result and the subsequent demise of the European Union can only be viewed as a positive result for freedom, as nation states take back their sovereignty and the ability for self determination. However, when one considers the turmoil created by the ‘engineered’ invasion of Europe this year by millions of Islamic refugee/migrants from the Middle East and a number of Asian and North African countries, as well as the (also engineered) unfolding economic disaster, the fallout from BREXIT may assist in creating the conditions required for the globalists to roll out their New World Order as a possible ‘solution’ – a new rock upon which European countries might believe they can build a solid future.

We cannot allow that to happen. It will be up to the freedom loving people of Earth to support and encourage the increasingly desperate European nations to stand strong and retain their individuality in the face of pressure and uncertainty.

Why the “Trump for President” campaign is another important step along the path to ultimate global freedom.

American Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is a political outsider who has lived as an ‘insider’ for many years. This billionaire businessman, who made a fortune in real estate, holds the dream of a nation in his hands as he heads towards victory in this year’s US Presidential election.

Trump is a polarizing figure within the USA. Long known as a ruthless businessman, he has a reputation for demanding high performance from his employees and the many contractors who work on his real estate developments. He has been the target of numerous law suits taken by people and companies who claim to have not been paid for services and work provided. On the other hand, many of his employees describe him as being an incredibly caring and generous man who engenders loyalty and strong admiration.

UNEXIT - Nigel Farage endorses Donald Trump
Nigel Farage (left) the leader of the BREXIT campaign, pictured here at a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally.

Whatever your personal opinion may be of the man, Donald J. Trump has undoubtedly built a successful business over many years. It should not come as any great surprise then, that Trump has brought the same tenacity and passion that made him successful in his business life, into the political arena. His combination of charisma, intelligence and honesty make him as popular with the voting public as they make him unpopular with the political establishment in Washington D.C.

Trump’s rapid rise to popularity with the general United States’ public is due in no small part to his willingness to speak openly about the corruption that is clearly evident within American politics and the main stream media. By having the courage to call a spade a spade, and to call out Clinton/Democrat media shills, Mr Trump has earned himself the respect of millions of people not only in the United States, but also in many other countries around the world. At the time of writing, it is unknown whether he will win the election for President of the United States, but what is certain is that he has a huge groundswell of support and plenty of momentum as Americans head to the voting booths.

What does it mean for UNEXIT if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States?

One thing is certain, and that is that Donald Trump has helped to expose and publicize corruption at the highest levels of office within the United States, and has presented himself as an alternative. What is yet to be seen is whether he is acting solely on his own decisions and choices or if there is a hidden hand directing his movements on the political scene.

Keeping in mind that this year, we have seen the uncovering by congressional committees, of an incredible amount of systemic corruption involving Ms Hillary Clinton, US President Barack Obama, the FBI, The State Department of the United States, the Department of Justice, numerous other government officials, US media organizations, and various other personalities and players within the US political system.

The question needs to be asked if there is a significant link between the timing of this recent expose of corruption within the establishment, and Trump’s rise to political prominence. Is it merely providence, or is it really, just too good to be true?

If Trump is working for some masters ‘behind the curtain” – then the battle for freedom in the United States was already in deep trouble. Hillary Clinton is probably better suited to an orange jumpsuit and a stint in a federal prison than four or even eight years in the White House. If Trump wins the election, and becomes President, then the USA will have to deal with whatever the truth may be regarding his motives. At least he seems to be honest when declaring his repugnance for corruption, and when declaring his intention to ‘make America great again’. Once more, time will tell.

Sound the Trumpets – the time is right for the United States to leave the United Nations!

Whatever Mr Trump’s true intentions may be, the American public will probably be safe from the threat of nuclear war, at least for longer than would be the case if Ms Clinton became President. If victory for Trump buys the US public four years to get it’s act together and leave the United Nations, then so be it. There will almost certainly be upheaval in many areas of life, and of course, opposition to such a move is to be expected, especially from the political and media spheres, but if the people have a heart for change, then perhaps the time will be right for us to seize the day, quit the UN, and make America even greater, again!