An introduction to the UNEXIT movement

We are UNEXIT, and our mission is to abolish the United Nations, who we see as a serious threat to the sovereignty of every nation on Earth.

Since it’s inception, the United Nations has operated behind a facade of ‘world peace’ and co-operation, neither of which are ‘bad’ policies per se, but both of which might be achievable through strong diplomatic relations between separate nation states, without the need for all countries to give up their own cultures, national identities, and sovereignty.

Moreover, it has been more and more apparent to the general public that the United Nations is little more than a front for the New World Order, and is an organization that serves a small group of wealthy families who intend to ensnare the people of Earth in a world-government-controlled communist dictatorship. These ruling class families are often referred to as ‘globalists’, and they make no secret of the fact that world domination is their ultimate goal. They must be stopped, at all costs.

We, the free people of Earth, must exercise the little freedom that remains at this late stage, to end their control. Their methods, intentions and agents, must be identified, and plans must be formulated and implemented to neutralize them, before the New World Order and the global government is allowed to take complete control, because once they assert total power over the people of Earth, the fight for our freedom will be ever so much harder.

It is for this reason alone, the fight for freedom, that the UNEXIT movement was created, and it is for that reason that we will put ourselves on the line to defeat tyranny and to preserve the sovereignty of nation states around the world.