Welcome to UNEXIT – The Global Movement to Abolish the United Nations.

Why was this website created?

This website was created to educate people on the failure of the United Nations, to improve living conditions for the world’s population, and to inspire and promote self determination of, for and by, all nations of the Earth.

What are the aims of the UNEXIT movement?

The aims of the UNEXIT movement are to promote freedom by abolishing the United Nations and its myriad of committees that have been created over the decades to further its misguided agenda.

Why must the United Nations be abolished?

The United Nations has for decades been espoused as an agency for peace and the betterment of humankind. Over the past few years however, evidence has come to light that exposes the United Nations as a mechanism through which a small group of people have implemented a plan to undermine the sovereignty of individual nations in order to create a single, world government. This ‘One World Government’ agenda seeks to strip the ability of citizens of each member nation to create an enforce their own laws and determine their own path in the world. It is this global government agenda, otherwise known as the New World Order, that UNEXIT is committed to stopping in its tracks, so that people of every country on Earth might be able to exercise their rights to self determination.

Who can become a member of the UNEXIT movement?

Membership into the UNEXIT movement is open to all citizens of the Earth, and is entirely voluntary and free. Our movement was created to fight for your freedom, and we do it without expecting any payment.

Our members may be your fellow countrymen and women, or they may be from any number of countries around the world, but our vision is singular: a world where the people of each country determine the laws of their nation without interference from proponents of the New World Order agenda.

How can UNEXIT help my country?

We do not believe that one-size-fits-all when it comes to the laws of each nation. While all humans share many similarities, the geographical uniqueness of each country as well as our cultural differences demand a different set of laws than those of countries in other parts of the world. By acknowledging and celebrating our differences, we can then come together as a friendly global community without the need to force our own rules on people from other nations. UNEXIT will help your own country by allowing you the freedom to create your own laws, determine your own immigration, foreign and domestic policies, and engage in trade deals and treaties with other countries as you determine are in your own best interests.

By leaving the United Nations, your country will regain its sovereignty and cultural identity, and will enjoy the fruits of self determination.

Freedom. Dignity. Respect. Friendship.

Begin your personal journey to freedom, and help us create a better world of sovereign nation states. Join the UNEXIT movement, now!